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  • Engine must operate at a minimum of 85% of the original manufacturer's rated horsepower after allowing for driveline losses and as verified by a chassis dynamometer test if requested.
  • Engine must be mechanically sound and within the manufacturer's specifications with regard to oil pressure, coolant temperature and pressure, and fuel and rail pressures.
  • Engine must have no oil or coolant leaks, which means engine is dry and no excessive blow by.
  • Electronic engines must retain mileage information and be cleared of all passwords.
  • Batteries, starter, alternator and other ignition system components must be in sound condition and capable of starting and charging system under chassis' own power.
  • Battery cases must be intact with no dead cells.
  • Air conditioning compressor must be operational. System must be free from defect, and blow cold air or noted otherwise.

  • 2. BRAKES
  • Brakes must pass DOT inspection with 50% remaining visible brake linings. Brake drums must be free from breaks or cracks.

  • 3. TIRES
  • Front: Matched original casings. Minimum 12/32-inch tread.
  • Rear: Matched tread minimum 12/32-inch tread. Caps are okay as long noted as such.
  • Tires must be sound casings without cuts or bulges.

  • 4. FRAME
  • Frame rails, crossmembers, fifth wheel, cab mounts/supports, spring/air suspension hangers and other structural systems must be free from cracks, improper welds and defects.
  • Frames that have been stretched, improperly repaired, welded or otherwise altered are not acceptable.

  • Body damage must not exceed - $250.00 - $500.00 total per unit, including bumper, grill, fuel tanks, fairings, dents, rust damage, etc.
  • All radio and power accessories must be intact and operational.
  • Upholstery must have no tears or open seams.
  • There must be no broken or cracked glass.
  • All instruments and gauges must be in operating condition.

  • 6. GENERAL
  • All units must be de-identified, without damage to paint, prior to turn in unless otherwise noted.
  • Units must pass DOT inspection and be able to go into service without repair.
  • Title free of all liens or any encumbrances whatsoever.
  • Federal Highway Use Tax Form 2290 with proof of payment for current year.
  • A current Federal Annual Inspection sticker must be on the unit at time of trade.
  • Current State Inspection sticker, if state requires, must be on the unit at time of trade.


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