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HeavyTruckDealers.com is a community of truck and trailer dealers that have come together to list their equipment on the Internet. We are all members of HTAEW.com, a private "Dealers Only" website that provides dealer services. HeavyTruckDealers.com was created for our members to list their equipment on a public website. We have dealers from all parts of the United States and also some provinces in Canada that have equipment listed on HeavyTruckDealers.com. We are here for you to access our equiment on one easy to use website where all the spec pages are always the same. If you were to add up all the years of experince combined from all of our dealers, well you can't count that high.

HeavyTruckDealers.com is different from other websites in many ways. One way that you will appreciate is that we don't have any advertising on our service. That's right! There are no banner ads flashing at you or rolling billboards to distract you. HeavyTruckDealers.com is a free service for our members on www.htaew.com.

So ENTER THE SITE and you'll see the difference. Come back often and thanks for stopping by.

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