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I have been using your site for over a year now and I have to tell you that I am pleased with your service. I have both bought and sold units from here and I appreciate the forum that you have set up. I applaud your e-mail of a couple of weeks ago discussing "wholesale numbers". I put units on here for what I believe to be a true wholesale number and they sell.

Just wanted to say THANKS and hope to see you in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks.

Joe Shockey, President
Republic Capital Corporation


Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know something. I look at the website as much as I can, but until recently, I had not been making good use of it. So I finally took the time today to list a few units. Twenty minutes after I listed them, I received a call from one of the dealers who bought one of my trucks right there over the phone. Just thought you would appreciate the testimonial. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Barry Carnes
Kentucky Truck Sales, Inc.

Hey Terry,

Just wanted to thank you for the great job you and your site are doing. Not only has it helped us to move several units, it has enabled us to meet several great dealers nationwide. Dealers that I'm sure without your service we would have never met. Thanks again for the great job,

Jim Welch, Decatur Truck and Trailer Sales

Dear Terry,

I would like to personally thank you for the increased sales / profitability, improved time management, and the cost effective advertising that HTAEW.com has brought to Lakeside International Trucks. As you know, Lakeside International Trucks has two offices in Southeast Wisconsin. Our sales are split about 60% retail and 40% wholesale. As the Used Truck Manager, I am the one doing all the wholesaling and HTAEW.com has simplified my life. When I talk to other dealers, I promote the UTA as well as HTAEW.com. (Terry, if you remember, HTAEW.com was the main driving force behind us being a part of the UTA).

During the last year or so, I have seen a lot of "wholesale / dealer only" websites come and go. Terry, I gave my word to you over a year ago that Lakeside would always stay with HTAEW.com and I still believe that there is nothing like the "original." Your website has helped me reach a thousand wholesalers / dealers in the same time it takes me to make two phone calls. I tell my counterparts that HTAEW.com saves you time and grief. I can state all the specifics of the units Lakeside International Trucks has to wholesale and not have to worry about omitting anything. It takes me on the average 8 minutes to enter a unit into HTAEW.com. If other dealers are not seeing the sales that we are accomplishing on HTAEW.com, it is because the pricing is not on a wholesale level. I can only echo your pleas to everyone listing on HTAEW.com to keep the pricing truly wholesale.

Recently we listed multiple units on your "Future Trades" board and they all sold within 48 hours. If I tried to accomplish the same feat over the phone, I estimate that it would take me about twenty phone calls, twenty sets of photos sent out, and another dozen or so follow up calls. The ability to search for a truck on the website has helped us buy half a dozen additional units this year. Earlier this year when you introduced HeavyTruckDealers.com, I appreciated another vehicle for Lakeside International Trucks to get our products in front of new customers. With the help of HTAEW.com, we will sell around 100 trucks this month and that will be a new personal record. To put it simply, HTAEW.com works.

Alex Mackiel, Used Truck Manager
Lakeside International Trucks


Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoy your service. Not only has my business level increased over the last few months, the dealers that subcribe to your website are the most professional in our business. I can't begin to tell you the number of new contacts and friends I've made since being a member. Keep up the great work. Thanks.

Russ Weiss, Arrow Truck Sales.


I think you have one of the best web sites I have ever seen. It is very user friendly, anyone that is capable of turning on a computer can easily use your system. I know because if a poor old dumb country boy like myself can get around with this system, that means anyone can use it. It sure is easy to work, it is such a pleasure to use. It just goes to prove what I have always said. I have always said that most computer people do not understand our needs or neither do they understand the truck business. This is not true in your case, because you understand trucks and the truck selling business. You realize that we have little time to learn new things. I appreciate your consideration when making this so easy to use.

I hope everyone will sign up and get on line. I feel there could be some great advantages if people will get involved with your great Web site. Thanks for allowing me and my people at Rush Truck Centers the opportunity to be a part of your site.

Ermie Bendele
Rush Enterprises, Inc.
Vice-President, Used Truck Operations

Gearld Darbonne from Devillier Truck Sales says,

I have never seen anything like it. I decided to list some trucks on the website and within a couple of hours from the time I put them on they were sold and the phone is ringing off the wall. I listed the trucks at 2.00 pm, by 4:00 pm they were sold. I had several phone calls that afternoon about the listing and when I came in the next morning I already had two messages and the phones are still ringing. The bottom line is it works and it is fast.

Peterbilt of Utah's Paul Mulderig

I like the fact that you do not have to be a computer guy, to use this website. It has all the info you need to make that call. I like the member's survey, it allows us to have an input on what we want to see on the service. I put a couple of listings on future trades, And I hope to have these trucks sold before they come in.


I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the performance of your website. Your site is very easy to use and takes less time than putting trucks in magazines. I put one truck on your site that I really needed to move. The truck hit your site at 3:00 pm or so and before I went home that day I received two calls on the truck. I sold the truck the next morning at 8:30 am. It did'nt take very long to get results. The key is to put as much info about the unit as you can and to put a fair market price for that particular unit. in doing so you will sell it.

Thank you,
Doyle Dempsey
Sale Manager
Rush Truck Center
Bossier City, LA

I think Terry is on to something that will help us all! I put two trucks on line and got immediate response to them from other dealers. I have since retailed the trucks and got out, but had I pursued the wholesale interest I think I could have moved the two trucks to dealers on his web site! I plan to use the site often in the future.

Horace Jones
Rush Truck Center OKC


Thanks for all your help! I appreciate the hands on approach you take to your customers, because of your dealers only website, not only have I bought and sold several pieces of equipment, but I have also broadened my dealer network which in turn adds $$$$ to my bottom line each month! For those unfortunate folks who either think they don't need or can't afford your service, I think their missing the boat! Once again thank you for all of your help.

Gary Neu
Clear Creek Truck & Equipment


"HTAEW.com offers dealers not only a marketplace to buy and sell equipment, the dealer network is extensive, the forum is helpful, and the site is user friendly. I've bought and sold equipment using the website. I've made contacts through the website that I use daily and the best part is that HTAEW.com is run by people that understand OUR business."

Ron Breeden Jr
TEC of California

Chicago Kenworth is a recent subscriber to Heavy Truck and Equipment Wholesalers; I was skeptical about its effectiveness but decided to give it a one-month trial. I have been overwhelmed by the effectiveness of the system, the equipment listed is kept up to date and has proven to be a valuable tool for locating and establishing the value of used equipment. By the way I sold two of the trucks listed in the first two weeks, what more could I ask for!

George Dolinaj
Used Truck Manager,
Chicago Kenworth, Inc


It has been a pleasure using the website. It is easy to access and easy to use. Since we have signed on your site we have listed and sold many of our trucks. It's great being a dealer only site for moving equipment quickly. We have also found equipment quickly for a couple of customers who need the trucks yesterday. They were please with our performance thanks to the website. Keep it going!!
Mike Pryslak

Commercial Truck & Equipment Sales

I have been on the website since the start. I have watched it turn into a great tool for the entire industry. I have bought and sold many trucks and have also made new friends and customers along the way. Terry does such a great job keeping everything posted it really makes our job easier.

Ron Jones
Transtar Truck Sales


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