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Engine must operate at a minimum of 80% of the original manufacturer's rated horsepower after allowing for driveline losses and as verified by a chassis dynamometer test.
Engine must be mechanically sound and within the manufacturer's specifications with regard to oil pressure, coolant temperature and pressure, and fuel and rail pressures.
Engine must have no oil or coolant leaks.
Electronic engines must retain mileage information and be cleared of all passwords.
Engine crankcase blowby must not exceed:
- 12 inches of water column for Cummins.
- 3 inches of water column for Caterpillar.
- 4 inches of water column for Detroit.
- 4 inches of water column for Mack.
Batteries, starter, alternator and other ignition system components must be in sound condition and capable of starting and charging system under chassis' own power.
Battery cases must be intact with no dead cells.
Air conditioning compressor must be operational. System must be free from defect, and blow cold air.

Clutch, transmission and front and rear axles must be roadworthy and free from defects with no visible bends, cracks and leaks.
The driveline must be free of noise, vibration and excessive free-play in u-joints.
No wheel or pinion seals are to be leaking.

Brakes must pass DOT inspection with 50% remaining visible brake linings. Brake drums must be free from breaks or cracks.
All drums/rotors must be within useable tolerances.

Front: Matched original casings. Minimum 12/32-inch tread.
Rear: Matched original casings. Minimum 12/32-inch tread or new caps (must be first-time caps).
Tires must have sound casings without cuts or bulges.
There must be no irregular tread wear.

Frame rails, crossmembers, fifth wheel, cab mounts/supports, spring/air suspension hangers and other structural systems must be free from cracks, improper welds and defects.
Frames that have been stretched, improperly repaired, welded or otherwise altered are not acceptable.
Trade values on such units shall be given on a unit-by-unit basis.

Body damage must not exceed $250.00 total per unit, including bumper, grill, fuel tanks, fairings, dents, rust damage, etc.
All radio and power accessories must be intact and operational.
Upholstery must have no tears or open seams.
There must be no broken or cracked glass, and no "bull's-eyes."
All instruments and gauges must be in operating condition.
All standard and optional equipment, plus safety equipment (fire extinguisher, mud flaps, etc.) on or in truck chassis must be included and must be in good working order.
Glider Kits and reconstructed unit(s) must be identified on the appraisal form and will be valued accordingly.
Bodies must be de-identified.

All units must be de-identified, without damage to paint, prior to turn.
All stickers, nameplates, decals, etc., must be removed. Any damage to the finish resulting from this activity must be repaired.
This does not apply to a manufacturer's ID, model designators or VIN plates.
Units must pass DOT inspection and be able to go into service without repair.
All units will be turned in as appraised, less normal wear.

Where values are given with trade terms, and the trades are not available to be inspected, any unit that has been wrecked must be declared at the onset of trade negotiations and will be accepted upon visual inspection.
We reserve the right to reject any unit(s) that has/have not been repaired in accordance with acceptable standards of workmanship.
Units that have sustained wreck damage after trade negotiation and acceptance are subject to reappraisal.
Van and truck bodies that are not the same year model as their chassis must be specifically identified.
Refrigerated units need to be identified by manufacturer, year, model and hours of usage.

Unit will be acknowledged as received at time of inspection.
A copy of the appraisal form will be left with customer.
Customer will make repairs and/or corrections as noted on the appraisal form within 10 working days.
Value will be based on exact information as stated on the appraisal form.
Units will only be accepted after receiving the following documents:
- Signed copy of Appraisal Agreement.
- Signed copy of
- Title free of all liens or any encumbrances whatsoever.
- Federal Highway Use Tax Form 2290 with proof of payment for current year.
- Unless otherwise agreed upon, it shall be the responsibility of the buyer to deliver all trades to the selling dealership's location.
- A current Federal Annual Inspection sticker must be on the unit at time of trade.
- A current State Inspection sticker, if state requires, must be on the unit at time of trade.

This information is compiled for reference use only. The UTA does not imply that all trucks should or will meet these terms. The UTA is not responsible for any errors, omissions or damages arising out of the use of this information.


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